FLUREC Valuable Metal Recovery Process

The FLUREC Process is an extension of the FLUWA Process.

It recovers secondary raw materials and is thus not only ecologically sound but also brings financial advantages with its recycled quantity and significantly reduced residue volume. The recycled metals ( 99.99% commercial grade) can be directly placed in the market at current value.

The BSH FLUREC Process recovers heavy metals , including cadmium, copper, lead and zinc from FLUWA filtrate. Lead, cadmium and copper are separated during the process called cementation and can be fed back as reusable materials to direct metal recycling facilities. However, zinc, which in volume represents the largest part of the recoverable metals in the FLUWA filtrate, is recycled in various separation stages into high- purity zinc (99.99%). In the subsequent Waste Water Treatment (WWT) only a fraction of the usual hydroxide sludge volume accumulates thanks to the previous separation of the four main components. Significant savings can be achieved with this residue reduction and landfill capacity can be saved