Excavated Material Processing Plant

Contaminated excavation material is separated from uncontaminated pit material by wet-mechanical unit operations. If necessary extractive processes are used to concentrate the contaminants and to prepare them for reuse or disposal in an appropriate landfill.

The recycling of sand gravel with different washing equipment and various classification steps yields reusable building and construction material which fulfils environmental and civil engineering standards and requirements. A considerable quantity of process water is circulated in close loops and treated. The environment is protected by state of the art processes and the material recovery is maximised.


The wet-chemical know-how of BSH in combination with the in –house laboratory enables to find economic solutions even for complex contaminations (organic pollution, Chromium 6, lead and other heavy metals).


In the future, the market demands secure and flexible means of disposal. BSH is familiar with the regulatory requirements and is prepared to ensure safe and economic treatment of soil from both an environmental and economic prospective.


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