Drilling mud and sewer sludge

Nowadays a gravel plant or a large civil construction site cannot utilise a pit for a sludge pond or a sludge storage. The legislator requires process water to be recycled and sludge to be dewatered. A sludge disposal therefore must include a dewatering step.

Dewatering of sludge is hence an essential step in each treatment facility and each process water system. Different unit operations and components are in use. Mostly a chamber filter press with a homogeniser as feed tank for the thickened sludge are used. The chamber filter press consists of several chambers which are lined with special filter cloth. The presses are fully automated and programmed even for the flushing and rinsing step. For the specification of the dewatering process, the properties of the sludge, the potential fluctuations, the mode of operation and the degree of automation are to be considered. Important are also the characteristics of the filter cloth, the filter plates. We profit from our vast experience from many different applications.


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